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Clean your home without contaminating.

Now more than ever, having clean spaces and consuming healthy food is a priority, as well as caring for the environment. This is why we believe that private companies must contribute to society with ecological and affordable effective solutions.

A new way of consuming responsibly and taking care of our big home, the planet. AlkaMax cleans and disinfects using "The Force of Water".


Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption implies not only knowing that what you consume is sustainable or ecological but also about how the waste will be handled and where will it end. Most cleaning products end up in rivers and seas.



Recyclable and Returnable Containers

Our PET bottles are completely recyclable, but above all they are RETURNABLE.

On your next order, turn in your bottle in good condition and pay only for the content.



We support animal shelters

Pets and their delicate noses are hurt by the strong chemicals used in traditional cleaning products, so we will donate part of the production to animal shelters once a month.

For more information, get in contact with us.

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