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We make a difference while thinking about the future

When three dreamers get together to talk about the environment, many times it ends with a feeling of uneasiness and anguish because it all ends up leaving a foot print.

The difference was born on July 8, 2017. Again three dreamers got together to talk about the environment, but there was a differentiator, an idea, a different question, "We already know that cleaners and detergents are the main contaminants in sources of water, we also know that what you really clean with is with water and you add X product to disinfect or at least leave an aroma".

Ecuador is one of the few countries with hundreds of water sources suitable for consumption, how do we contribute to its protection?


That was the recurring question, and it triggered a deep investigation that ended in Korea.

In this country, ecological technology had started many years ago.


By an electrolysis process, water is transformed into the most powerful ecological cleaner and disinfectant, it is only H2O plus electrical energy. It comes out as ionized water, with an alkalinity degree of 13%. Hope invaded the faces and hearts of these dreamers and they decided to import the technology to do it in Ecuador.

This is how they started this long journey of creating, testing, searching for packaging, trying one thing and failing, trying again, again and again, until AlkaMax finally reached our hands and our first customers.

Have a blast, my dear Shaina!.png



We are confident that we can all make a difference in our spaces, we just have to stop seeing the problem and look for the solution.


We invite you to find a solution to a problem that matters to you.


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